About Idis Managed Access (MA)

Idis Managed Access, part of Clinigen Group plc, is the global leader in providing ethical worldwide access to the most innovative medicines on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, helping to address unmet patient need. Our Managed Access Programs provide ethical and regulatory-compliant solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, delivering a fast and efficient response to patient demand outside of traditional access routes.

How We Help Physicians and Patients

Idis MA provides access to medicines through global frameworks referred to as Managed Access Programs (MAPs). A number of different terms are used around the world to describe these programs including “expanded access”, “named patient supply”, “temporary authorization for use”, “compassionate use”, and “early access”. These access programs address the demand for medicines which are otherwise not accessible to patients. Some of the situations where Idis MA can help facilitate access are when medicines:

  • Are still in clinical development and have yet to be approved.
  • May never be approved, but still have medicinal value for a very small population (for example, some rare disease drugs).
  • Are approved in one country, but not another.
  • Have been discontinued in a particular market.
  • Are an alternative to a drug discontinued globally.
  • The decision to treat a patient as part of an MAP is based on the clinical judgement of their physician, and is applicable where there is a genuine unmet medical need and no alternative treatments are available.

    Examples of the active Managed Access Programs that Idis MA is currently running can be found on the Access Programs page.

    Why Idis Managed Access?

    Unsurpassed Experience
    For 30 years we have been trusted by leading biopharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers worldwide to enable early access to more innovative medicines, in more countries, for more patients than anyone else. In 2016 alone, Idis Managed Access ran 108 active programs providing access to over 238,000 units of medicine for patients in need around the world.

    Service Excellence
    All of our services are backed by a global team of over 500 patient access experts, a level of specialized expertise that cannot be found anywhere else. Idis MA team combines global regulatory expertise with local market knowledge to provide ethical and compliant patient access to medicines across the globe, at any time, however complex the requirements.

    Industry Innovators
    As a trusted resource for navigating the evolving global early access landscape, we have been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for improving access to investigational medicines across the world.

    Global Reach
    Our global footprint extends to supply 130 countries worldwide and our growing global supply chain network and distribution infrastructure enables us to address patient access needs anywhere in the world.

    Stories of Hope and Survival

    Patient Stories

    For first-hand examples of patients that Idis MA has helped, click the videos links below or visit the I did this with Idis MA website.

    Sara, a patient in India, tells the story of how she accessed a life-saving medicine through Idis MA:

    The story of a mother's struggle to find the medicine her daughter needs to survive:

    If you are a healthcare professional and would like more information on how to obtain a medicine for your patient, please contact Idis Managed Access using the details provided: Europe, North America, Rest of World.

    If you are pharmaceutical or biotechnology company and would like more information on Managed Access Programs, please contact: