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This protocol is designed to enable access to related or unrelated CD34 cells manufactured using the CliniMACS (Miltenyi) under the HUD designation for patients needing T cell depleted allogeneic grafts for hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT). This will include patients with inherited immunodeficiency disorders as well as patients with malignancies, bone marrow failure, and other rare diseases amenable to HSCT. Finally, patients with poor graft function and Graft Versus Host Disease(GVHD) after a previous HSCT may require a boost of T-cell depleted donor Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSCs) or bone marrow cells that are CD34 selected using the CliniMACS device ENROLLMENT BY INVITATION ONLY


Contact: Gary Kleiner, MDPHD (305-243-4863)

  • United States
  • Miami, Florida, United States

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