Fibromatosis (medical condition): A benign soft tissue tumor. The tumors can vary greatly in size and can cause pain. Fibromatosis: (1) A condition characterized by multiple fibromas, with relatively widespread distribution. (2) Abnormal hyperplasia of fibrous tissue.

Symptoms - Fibromatosis

* Painful lump * Lump

Causes - Fibromatosis

Fibromatosis multiple non ossifying

Prevention - Fibromatosis

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Diagnosis - Fibromatosis

* Colon & Rectal Cancer: Home Testing o Home Colorectal Cancer Tests o Home Fecal Occult Bleeding Tests

Prognosis - Fibromatosis

Not supplied.

Treatment - Fibromatosis

* Cancer Specialists: * Oncology (Cancer specialists) * Radiation Oncology * Pediatric Hematology / Oncology (Child Cancer/Leukemia) * Radiation Oncology (Diagnostic/X-rays) * Gynecological Oncology * Hematology (Blood/Leukemia Specialists) * Colon & Rectal Surgery

Resources - Fibromatosis

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