Pagon Stephan syndrome


A very rare syndrome characterized mainly by finger and toe abnormalities as well as abnormal development of the optic nerve and pituitary gland. Antenatal exposure to sedatives may be a factor in the cause of the disorder.

Symptoms - Pagon Stephan syndrome

* Abnormal eye movements * Impaired vision * Learning disability * Mental retardation * Retarded growth * Short stature * Abnormal nails * Absent nails * Abnormal brain development (corpus callosum) * Leg weakness * Dilated brain ventricles * Irregular finger length * Irregular finger shape * Short big toe * Webbed fingers

Causes - Pagon Stephan syndrome

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Prevention - Pagon Stephan syndrome

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Diagnosis - Pagon Stephan syndrome

* Eye Tests * Vision Tests

Prognosis - Pagon Stephan syndrome

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Treatment - Pagon Stephan syndrome

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Resources - Pagon Stephan syndrome

Pagon Stephan syndrome: Another name for Septooptic dysplasia - digital anomalies

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