PEHO syndrome


A rare birth disorder characterized by progressive brain disease, facial anomalies and eye problems

Symptoms - PEHO syndrome

* Severely reduced muscle tone * Increased reflexes * Large ear * Seizures * Severe mental retardation * Mouth held open * Short nose * Small head * Abnormal cerebellum development * Optic atrophy * Hypsarrhythmia * Edema * Brain degeneration * Swollen hands * Protruding lower earlobes * Curved upper lip * Excessive infant drowsiness * Poor infant feeding * Impaired vision

Causes - PEHO syndrome

Not supplied.

Prevention - PEHO syndrome

Not supplied.

Diagnosis - PEHO syndrome

* Eye Tests * Vision Tests

Prognosis - PEHO syndrome

Not supplied.

Treatment - PEHO syndrome

Not supplied.

Resources - PEHO syndrome

PEHO syndrome: Another name for Encephalopathy progressive - optic atrophy

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