Young Syndrome


Young syndrome is a condition characterized by male infertility, damaged airways and inflammation of the sinuses.

Symptoms - Young Syndrome

Symptoms of Young syndrome include:

  • infertility (caused by obstructive azoospermia, a condition in which sperm are produced but, due to a physical obstruction, do not mix with the rest of the ejaculatory fluid)
  • persistent sinus and lung infections

Causes - Young Syndrome

Young syndrome is believed to be related to genetic factors but childhood exposure to mercury has also been discussed.

Prevention - Young Syndrome

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Diagnosis - Young Syndrome

The diagnosis of Young syndrome is based on the presence of signs and symptoms and the absence of other similar conditions, such as cystic fibrosis. The diagnosis process may include a physical examination, lab tests, and referrals to specialists. 

Prognosis - Young Syndrome

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Treatment - Young Syndrome

Management involves treatment of sinus and lung infections. Fertility treatment may also be an option, including surgery to remove the obstruction in the epididymis (vasoepididymostomy) or assisted reproduction, such as ICSI.


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