Anti-Infectives Partnering & Deal-Making

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Date: 13 - 14 July, 2017
Location: Baltimore, United States

Dear Colleague,

We are excited to announce the 14th Anti-Infectives Partnering & Deal-Making Conference, which will take place July 13-14, 2017 in Baltimore, MD. Recently launched programs such as CARB-X and the expanded pool of research and development funds brought about by the U.S. National Action Plans on Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (CARB) demonstrate recognition that the anti-infective pipeline is precariously fragile. These complimentary programs, as well as other international programs, seek to address funding and market limitations that occur at all phases of drug development, from early stage, hit to lead identification, to late stage clinical development. However, despite the technical and monetary resources available to developers the challenges and risks inherent in anti-infective development loom unabated.

We invite you to join us for this two day event as we discuss the types and availability of economic incentives to spur innovation and development of therapies to address rapidly emerging global health threats; international partnering and funding opportunities; and non-traditional approaches and technologies, including innovative clinical trial strategies for the development of anti-infectives. Over the course of this meeting attendees will have ample opportunity to engage and network with speaker and panelists.

Session Topics:

  1. Plenary Session: Responding to Emerging Infectious Diseases on the Global Stage
  2. Non-Traditional Approaches and Technologies in Anti-Infectives
  3. Regulatory Considerations for Drug Development
  4. Economic Drivers Moving Drug Development Forward
  5. Panel: Funding & Partnering with US Government Agencies
  6. Panel: Pricing and P&T Committee’s Role in Determining Novel Antibiotic Usage
  7. Panel: Pushing and Pulling: What Incentives Help Spark Innovation in Antibiotic Drug Discovery and Development?
  8. General Session: Public/Private Partnerships in Support of Global Health

We hope to see you there!


Best regards,

The 2017 Advisory Committee

3.3 from 3 votes