EURORDIS Summer School (Barcelona, 2019)

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Date: 10 - 14 June, 2019
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Extract from the event website:

Since its launch in 2008, the EURORDIS Summer School on Medicines Research & Development has taken place every year in Barcelona.

The Summer School is made up of one week of face-to-face training (held in June in Barcelona) and the below online training modules, which are available online for free for anyone to use.

The training aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to become experts in medicines research and development. Over 20 EURORDIS Summer School trainers provide the training each year.

The EURORDIS Summer School training covers topics including: clinical trials methodology, clinical research, ethics in medicines development, regulatory affairs, health technology assessment and marketing authorisation.

In 2015, a new format was developed for the Summer School that combines training for both expert patients and researchers.

Next face-to-face training

The next face-to-face training of the EURORDIS Summer School will take place 10-14 June 2019, in Barcelona. Applications are now closed. Applicants will be notified of the result of their application by end January 2019.

Ahead of the face-to-face training in Barcelona, participants are invited to take part in a pre-training course and complete the online modules listed below.

Take part in free online training

The free online modules are available for anyone to use at a time and place that is convenient.

The conditions of use for all EURORDIS training modules have been licensed with Creative Commons. More information on the conditions of use.

EURORDIS Expert Patients and Researchers Summer School 2018

Unit 1: Medical Research and Development

Unit 2: Ethics in Medicines Development

Unit 3: Statistics in medicines research and development

Unit 4: Benefit-risk assessment and pharmacovigilance

Unit 5: The European Medicines Agency (EMA)

Unit 6: Medical Regulatory Framework and Procedures

Unit 7: Market access & HTA


To date more than 400 participants from over 40 countries representing more than 75 diseases have participated. Thanks to connections provided by EURORDIS, alumni members have gone on to become members of committees at the EMA and participate in activities related to the European Network of HTA agencies (EUnetHTA). Summer School alumni report an increased awareness of the importance of their involvement in all aspects of medicines development and of their potential to be a real force.

EURORDIS Summer School edición Española

A Spanish edition of the Summer School was launched in 2017.

History of the EURORDIS Summer School

The Summer School was originally developed to fill specific needs identified by expert patients, EURORDIS and the European Medicines Agency.

Expert patients from EURORDIS are permanent representatives on EMA Scientific Committees and working parties, for example, the Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products, the Patients' and Consumers' Working Partyand the Scientific Advice Working Party.

EURORDIS therefore created the Summer School in recognition of patients' need for support and training that includes an overview of clinical research and methodology, medicines development and regulatory procedures.

3.0 from 4 votes