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A reunion for one hospital`s smallest patients

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

They are ranked in the top 25 percent for neonatal intensive care outcomes. The Minneapolis hospital cares for 50 to 60 babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) everyday.

Each year the smallest patients come together for a special reunion. Years later, after they have grown up, the hospital continues to mean so much to these patients.

"She was two pounds, two ounces, and that`s like 12 inches long, incredibly small," said parent Steve Broshar.

Steve`s daughter Aida was born at just 26 weeks gestation, which is about 3 months early. She spent about that long in the NICU.

"Aida`s doing great. We`re so incredibly fortunate that she`s growing and developing like a normal kid," said Broshar.

Close to 500 people came back to Children`s Hospital in Minneapolis for the NICU reunion. Every family here has something to celebrate

"It was a great experience, as far as not knowing anything about this what-so-ever before he was born," said parent Deanna Thorwardson.

Her son Jacob was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, an extremely rare disorder. All of the plates in his head were fused together when he was born. Jacob has had several surgeries since birth and is just turned 1-year-old.

"Learning as we went, everyone that helped was amazing, doctors, nurses, everyone," said Thorwardson.

Children sometimes have to be in the NICU for days, weeks or even months and their families all know what it`s like to call this place home.

The reunion gives families the chance to see the staff that meant so much in their children`s lives.

"It`s amazing how important they become in your life for sure," said parent Libby Cohen

By sharing their joy, these families hope to pay a debt of gratitude.

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Author: By Maya Nishikawa
2.2 from 11 votes
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