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Author Tells of Family Strength

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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A family`s battle with blindness, cancer, and heart surgery has been made into an inspiration for others.

And while they`ve had a lot of hurdles to overcome, the Roberts` family says with each hurdles they`ve witnessed a miracle.

Mike Roberts takes his son Cole hunting every year.

Something many fathers are doing this time of year, but it`s something Mike thought he never be able to do.

"When a doctor tells you that your son is blind, never going to see again, I guess my heart was like, `Ahh,`" Mike says.

Cole was diagnosed with WAGR Syndrome, when he was two months old. It is a rare disorder, causing Cole blindness and cancer.

But, it never slowed him down.

"Whenever Cole was feeling good he was just non-stop," says Mike. "He wanted to try everything, he wanted to be involved in everything."

And after five deer, two turkeys, and a bear, there is no sign of him slowing down.

"I think I cried more than he did on his first deer," Mike says.

If that wasn`t enough for the Roberts` to overcome, their younger son started to also have medical problems, and eventually had open heart surgery.

"Looking back I even sometimes can`t believe we made it through," says Laura Roberts.

"It was really scary at first but now it`s like, `Ehh, it`s over` and now we can do pretty much everything else," says Mike.

Laura started a journal when she gave birth to Cole. She wanted a keepsake, to remember all the hurdles her family has overcome. But that journal has now become her first book, "By Faith."

"For me to sit down and write the stories, re-read the stories, I was able to cry again, I was able to go through all those different emotions and I was actually released then. I got a healing from it," says Laura.

A healing her entire family was able to experience, and now, hopefully share.

"To be able to be that person that someone is falling back on is just a good thing, you know, and it makes me proud of her and it makes me proud of the family," says the family`s youngest son, Clay.

Laura`s book is now available at the Rainbow Shop and Roberts Floral in Bismarck, and at Huntington Books in Mandan.

Laura will sign books October 17 at the Rainbow Shop be at the from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon.

Her book will become available at all major book stores and online November 24.

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Author: By Ashli Kimenker
Source: KFYR TV
2.5 from 4 votes
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