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Disabled Justin Meek's landmark victory for sick kids

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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A disabled boy who was refused benefits for being too young has won a landmark battle.

Justin Meek, five, was born with a rare genetic condition and doctors described him as one of the most disabled children they had ever seen.

But his family was denied full disability benefits until he was three.

Now the Court of Session has ruled that the Department of Work and Pensions may be breaching Justin's rights under European law.

Dad Stephen, 40, of Coalburn, Lanarkshire, said: "We're ecstatic and also very proud Justin's action may change the lives of thousands of disabled children."

Justin has a rare genetic disorder called Prader-Willi syndrome and needs oxygen 24 hours a day.

Benefits bosses refused to pay for a special vehicle to transport the cylinders that keep him alive until he was three.

His family had to use two cars to carry all the equipment he needed.

Their lawyer Cameron Fyfe said: "We're delighted with this victory.

"We're very confident politicians will change the law to allow any child, no matter their age, to be considered for the full range of benefits they require."

The Meek family formed a bond with Tory leader David Cameron when he met them two years before his own severely disabled son Ivan died in February.

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Author: By Marion Scott
Source: The Sunday Mail
2.6 from 9 votes
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