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Father Who Had Fear of Heights Becomes a Daredevil Who Skydives and Abseils

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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LONDON, UK - A FATHER-of-two who was scared of heights has become a daredevil who skydives and abseils after having his ADRENALIN gland removed - leaving him with NO FEAR.

Jordy Cernik, 42, is labelled on websites around the globe as one of the top ten real-life superheroes. He suffers from ultra-rare Cushing's syndrome which causes high levels of the hormone Cortisol in the body. To treat the condition, Mr Cernik underwent a series of brain operations and two procedures to remove his adrenal glands.

But it wasn't until a trip to Disneyland in 2012, when his amazing superpower was revealed. Jordy, who was scared of heights, decided to just sit on a rollercoaster and remarkably, felt nothing. At first he thought it was a fluke - but in the years since, he has dived out of a plane at 17,000ft and abseiled down a 418ft tower with ease.

He carried out a charity zip wire from the Tyne Bridge across to the Gateshead side - and as he sat 84ft above the water, on the edge with his legs dangling off the Tyne Bridge, he did not feel scared. Speaking about his "superhero" symptoms, Mr Cernik said: "No-one really knows how I have come to feel no fear - because you can't see it.

"The no fear card I have been dealt is a combination of the fact that my adrenal glands have been removed and that I've had so many procedures done which resulted in complications. It means that when I'm standing on top of a tower or about to jump I know I should feel fear, but the message is just not getting through from my brain."

However, Mr Cernik labels the feat as a "double-edged sword" while he struggles with motivation and drive - because he feels virtual nothing in those departments. Mr Cernik, of Jarrow, Tyne and Wear, said: "Sometimes I just do not have that get up and go and I cannot even go and watch my daughter in her school play.

"My 'weaknesses' so to speak have rarely been reported - but feeling no fear does come with a heavy price. I wouldn't recommend it. It's the amount of pills and my real lack of motivation which was once the main thing I had as a fleeting TV Presenter to really give me that motivation. Losing my drive was a big blow, and as a freelance radio producer I have to try almost triple the amount of energy into doing things than the normal person."

But Mr Cernik's life hasn't returned to normal entirely - he still has to take 30 pills a day, a cocktail of painkillers and hormones, plus drugs to slow the corrosion of his bones.

Source: Daily Express
3.0 from 2 votes
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