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Goddess Hair Extensions Founder Nominated for American Cancer Society Award

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Friday, September 03, 2010

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Sheila Matechuk, Developer of Goddess Hair Extensions & Replacement, has been nominated for the American Cancer Society's prestigious "Lane Adams Award" honoring individuals who "demonstrate innovative and collaborative approaches to enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients and their families."

Matechuk, a San Francisco Bay Area stylist, was nominated by client and terminally ill Stanford Hospital physician for the extraordinary restoration of hair lost to chemotherapy, as well as emotional and financial support to her and hundreds of other women over the past six years.

"As a physician, I know how powerful the mind-body connection is, and since Sheila has restored my hair, I can look in the mirror and not look sick anymore. I feel like my old invincible self, not a victim of this horrible disease," states the client.

The Goddess integration method is an hair attachment that allows women with thinning hair the freedom of vigorous activity without the fear and discomfort of a conventional, unsecured wig.

Sheila's client adds, "In the three months since I have had my hair back, I am free of active cancer lesions and part of this has been thanks to Sheila's unwavering kindness, support and artistic attention to detail."

Matechuk developed the Goddess Integration System™ in 2006 to address the needs of clients suffering from hair loss who weren't candidates for hair extensions.

"I was frustrated with my inability to help women coming in hoping for hair extensions. I started cutting up wigs and trying different approaches to solve this problem. I care deeply about these ladies, and no woman should have to endure the indignity of hair loss for any reason, particularly when facing something as traumatic as cancer," says Matechuk.

With Breast Cancer Awareness month coming up in October, Matechuk hopes that the nomination will send a message of hope to women that solutions are out there, and training programs are available.

Watch Sheila Matechuk with Joyce Hanna , Director of Stanford University's Living Strong, Living Well on Comcast's "She TV" Talk Show at or on demand at

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