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Haslett Family Adjusting to Having Baby Dominic Home

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Monday, March 03, 2014

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In December, we introduced viewers to the Lathrop's in Haslett whose infant son has an extremely rare disease that kept him in a hospital in Ann Arbor for four months after being born. 

Since our last visit, Baby Dominic--who suffers from an extremely rare form of Hirschsprung's Disease rendering nearly 90 percent of his bowel non-functional--has finally been able to come home.

The extreme case of the disease, which was the first of its kind for doctors at U of M Ann Arbor, means the six month old still requires extensive care.

"I was most worried about the medical side of things and us having to become almost nurses," said Andrew Lathrop, Baby Dominic's father.

"Just seeing what happened in the hospital for so many months and thinking 'how are we going to do that?'"

But they are doing that, from having to change and clean the lines running into his little body supplying him his nutrients, to getting weekly and monthly tests and check-ups to closely monitor his growth.

"His situation is so specific, I've had to become an expert on Dominic and other people see him and he's just a marvel," said Alison Lathrop, Baby Dominic's mother.

Since his homecoming, Dominic has had no major incidents, which is rare for an infant in his kind of condition, according to Alison.

A possible transplant or even a medical trial procedure in Boston could still be options further down the road, but for now the Lathrops say they're counting their blessings and enjoying Dominic's stability.

"It's not a sprint, it's a marathon and we just have to pace ourselves and keep going," Alison said. "It's been as smooth sailing as it could've been with twins and a two year old and four year old."

Source: Fox News
1.7 from 3 votes
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