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Inspirational girl set for television stardom

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Thursday, July 05, 2012

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A LITTLE girl with a rare growth disorder is set to appear on an inspirational children’s special on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Maci Winters, from Upton, has Russell-Silver Syndrome (RSS), a rare condition which means that at four years old she stands at just 82cm tall and wears clothes for 12-18-month-year-olds.

Her mum, Lena Appleton, gave birth to Maci after being induced at 36 weeks of pregnancy when they discovered Maci had stopped growing.

She weighed just three pounds and five ounces and had to be kept in an incubator and fed through a tube for three weeks.

Maci was found to have the rare condition RSS, which affects just one in 75,000 people, and means she has already been outgrown by her two-year-old brother, Ashton.

The Badsworth J&I pupil is now a bubbly, happy and active little girl but Miss Appleton and her partner, Maci’s dad John Winters, still struggle to get her weight up.

Maci has to attend regular hospital appointments to monitor her progress, and has recently started taking growth hormones.

Last year Maci filmed for an ITV programme The Real Thumbelina with her friend Amelie Gledhill, from Halifax, who suffers with the same condition.

Although Maci didn’t appear on the programme with Amelie, the two girls have been selected to appear on ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show as inspirational children.

Miss Appleton, who works to raise awareness of the rare condition, said: “A lot of the filming we did was with the parents, where we talked with Jeremy about what it’s like looking after her.

“She’s really brave, she’s really bubbly, and hyperactive, which is part of the condition.

“The main thing that upsets her is when other children think she’s a baby, that really gets her mad, but she soon corrects them.”

The family are currently waiting for a special wheelchair for Maci for when her small legs and feet get tired, so that she doesn’t have to use a pushchair anymore.

She will be on The Jeremy Kyle Show with Amelie on ITV1 at 9.25am on July 6.

To donate to help the two girls’ ongoing care visit

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Source: Hemsworth and south elmsall express
3.0 from 53 votes
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