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Ipswich’s Dillon will run Boston Marathon, raising funds for Cure CMT4J

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Although February and March kind of flipped places and we seem to be in endless winter, there is a Boston Marathon set to happen just a few weeks away on April 16.

Snow or no snow, more than 30,000 runners will hit the roads between Hopkinton and Boston to cover 26.2 miles in the nation's oldest marathon. Boston is also the Super Bowl of marathons as it is always attracts the world's best distance runners.

Runners can also enter as fundraisers, committing to raise a certain amount for an official bib, and this includes first-time marathon runner Sean Dillon, of Ipswich.

Dillon is running for the Talia Duff/Cure CMT4J Foundation, helping out with a cause that's very close to home – Duff is the public face of fundraising for the rare neurotic disease, and his son is a classmate of Duff's.

The Chronicle caught up with Dillon this week as the marathon officially falls within three weeks.

How many Boston Marathons will this be for you?

This will be my first.

Along with running for the Cure CMT4J Foundation, what else has driven you to take on the Boston Marathon?

I grew up in Boston and have attended several marathons over the years. Taking on the Boston Marathon is something I have always wanted to do.

What are your thoughts on Talia Duff and the Cure CMT4J Foundation? What made you decide to choose this as the charity you would run for?

The Duffs have been good friends since our oldest kids were in kindergarten together. They are in high school now. My son Ben is in Talia's class and his passion for raising funds and awareness for Cure CMT4J has been incredibly inspiring.

The whole sixth grade is inspiring. What those kids accomplished earlier this winter with their viral video was phenomenal.

What is your direct fundraising link?

How has your training gone this winter? Has the weather affected your training at all?

I have just been trying to get out every day I can. The weather and traveling for work have been things I've had to work around, but I'm confident I will be ready.

Do you have a specific time that you're aiming for, or is the goal just simply to finish?

I am hoping to finish in less than four hours.

Aside of this marathon, what other races have you run?

I have run several half-marathons, the local triathlon at Crane Beach, and of course, the Turkey Trot!

What do you do professionally?

I am in sales for a network security company called Infoblox.

How long have you lived in Ipswich, and who is in your family?

We have lived in Ipswich for 12 years. My wife Dianne and I have two sons, Reilly and Ben, ages 15 and 11, and our daughter Lia is 9.

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3.1 from 32 votes
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