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Kaycee Fest Set to Rock Lillies Bar to Help Girl with Rare Condition

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Friday, September 21, 2018

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SUTTON, England - Kaycee, from, Sutton, suffers from rare neurological condition Batten Disease, which typically begins in childhood.

She has lost much of her mobility due to the condition, including her ability to walk. Her speech and understanding is limited and it will lead to childhood dementia.

There is no cure for this form of the disease, and therefore specialist symptom management and therapy is essential to assist in maintaining a good quality of life for children and their families.

After KG Express delivery man Keith Grimes make a special music video with Stillia's Jack Bennett to raise awareness for Kaycee, the pub was inspired to help out and decided to come up with 'Kaycee Fest'.

The festival on Sunday will see acts including Jack and Matty Bennett, from Stillia, Kiera Weathers, Salander and more.

"We're doing a bit of face painting and live music from 2pm until 9pm and it will be followed by karaoke," said staff member Kevin Boyle.

"There is no charge, people can just make a donation at the door.

"We heard about Keith Grimes and Jack doing the video together and Jack explained to me so I said I would get in touch with Keith to raise a bit of money to help them.

"Kaycee and her mum and dad are coming on Sunday so it will hopefully be nice for them to see it."

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2.4 from 9 votes
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