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Local boy with rare genetic condition gets help with next surgery

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

SAN ANTONIO - A local boy fighting a rare genetic disorder is getting some much needed help for his next surgery.

Nine-year-old Sebastian Rodriguez is just like any other kid.

He has his favorite toys, favorite pet and he's a bit of a jokester too.

"We have a comedian in the house," Sebastian's mother Lorena Rodriguez said.

But there is something a little different about Sebastian.

He was born with Treecher Collin's Syndrome.

An extremely rare genetic condition that causes bone abnormalities.

"One in 10,000 kids are born with it," Lorena said.

The condition has resulted in Sebastian undergoing surgeries since he was just a week old.

He's had 22 to date.

More recently, his needs have taken him to Seattle for specialized surgery.

A costly endeavor for this family of four.

But this time, it'll be paid for by the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC.

In partnership with Miracle Flights, Sebastian and his family will get a free round trip flight to Seattle.

Where hearing implants will be surgically implanted onto his skull.

"This will make sound a lot more clearer for him," Lorena said. "It may help with his speech, too."

What's even better.

This weekend, Sebastian will be recognized before gloves touch at the AT&T Center for UFC San Antonio.

Author: David Caltabiano
Source: Fox San Antonio
2.0 from 3 votes
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