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Monday, February 13, 2012

Hi, my name is Andy.

I was born in Watford in the UK back in 1975. In 1994, I moved to Australia to attend University. This is also the same year my medical problems started with my first kidney stone a week before my nineteenth birthday. Since then, I have had over 100 stones, thanks to a rare disease known as Cystinuria. In 2000, I contracted my second rare disease, CIDP. A peripheral nerve disorder that has left me with pain, numbness and severe weakness in my arms and legs.

Right now, I live in Melbourne with my wife and two young children. I own an advertising agency in South Melbourne called FreeForm. Unfortunately, my health problems preclude me from working there full-time, but it is a business that I started, I am proud of and passionate about.

If you want to find me around Melbourne, I can normally be found watching the cricket or staring at the sky through my telescope.

Andrew Price
Melbourne, Australia
Source: The global genes project
2.3 from 3 votes
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