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Minnesota Masonic Charities Accelerates the Race to End Cancer

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.- Minnesota Masonic Charities (MMC) announced an acceleration of their 2008 pledge of $65 million to the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota. The $25 million accelerated payment marks the 10-year anniversary of the original pledge, and comes at a critical time in cancer research.

The $25 million infusion of funding will have a great impact on advancing "precision medicine" at the cancer center, helping its 500+ members pursue research into an individual's risk of cancer, develop targeted therapies for cancer treatment, create new tools to study cancer, and recruit the best minds in science to get the job done.

"We believe that the end of this disease is within our sights," said Eric J. Neetenbeek, president and CEO of Minnesota Masonic Charities. "Using all the information and tools at their disposal, the Masonic Cancer Center will have the ability to advance cancer prevention and treatment at an individual level until cancer finally will cease to exist."

A long-time partner of the University of Minnesota, Minnesota Masonic Charities has pledged $125 million to cancer care, research and children's health there since 1955, making MMC the University's single largest donor.

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Source: Minnesota Masonic Charities (MMC)
3.4 from 7 votes
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