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Peak Health announces "Cerebelus"- a potent neuroprotectant against Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

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Monday, February 05, 2018

LOS GATOS, Calif.- Peak Health Center, a 501(c)(3), Not-For-Profit, Corporation announces the release of "Cerebelus", a natural plant based neuroprotectant. Active ingredients in the product have shown efficacy in preventing axonal degeneration that stems from brain trauma.

Even mild trauma to the brain releases a neurotoxin called "Quinolinic Acid" (QA), a precursor to nicotine. Most players don't realize that every hit releases a puff of "nicotine-lite" in their brain. Even worse, QA cannot pass through the blood-brain barrier. It resides in their brains and corrodes healthy brain cells over time, making the problem even worse.

Cerebelus actively neutralizes QA in the brain. It also contains Kynurenic Acid which calms down the receptor which produces QA and restricts its production.

"Cerebelus is a momentous game changer for professional players," says ex-NFL player Marvin Washington. Marvin played in the NFL for eleven years and won a super bowl with the Denver Broncos. "Professional soccer players who used Cerebelus have significantly less CTE symptoms than players that did not. This should apply to NFL also. My major goal is to help ex-NFL players who suffer greatly. I am going to help get them into a trial with Cerebelus and reverse CTE damage already done."

In a study done in Europe and Asia (to be published), on professional soccer players, players who did not take Cerebelus seemed to show more symptoms of CTE compared to players who took Cerebelus prophylactically.

Cerebelus is available for sale at or by calling (888) 33-PHYTO. It retails for $160 for a bottle of 60 capsules.

About Peak Health Center
Is a 501(c)(3), Not-For-Profit Corporation, based out of Los Gatos, CA. Its charter is to improve human health, with the least use of pharmaceutical drugs. Its doctors from around the globe are volunteering efforts to enhance our knowledge of endogenous health and Phytotherapy.

Nasrin Hashemi
Mobile: 408 650 4245

Source: Peak Health Center
2.7 from 6 votes
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