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Personalized treatment for cancer patients

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Treatments for cancer are although available in the clinics, there are a few who even after going through treatments fails to survive.

It seems like cancer treatment doesn’t work effectively on all the patients. Therefore, emphasis is being put on developing personalized treatment for cancer patients so that more lives could be saved.

With the pursuit of creating personalized treatment, the Cancer Research UK has launched initiative called Stratified Medicine Programme. The initiative is being supported by the UK Technology Strategy Board and by AstraZeneca and Pfizer, pharmaceutical companies.

The researchers and medical experts are hopeful that the initiative would lead to foundations for genetic testing, as standard mode of providing treatment to cancer patients. It is believed that the foundation of genetic testing services would help researchers in better understanding the movement of cancer.

As an initiative, the researchers would be examining the breast, bowel, lung, prostate tumor. The researchers would be conducting tests over these tumors as they are the most common form of cancer which affects millions of people all over the world.

Samples of tumor will collected from patients seeking treatment at seven hospices all over England, Wales and Scotland. If the experiment proves successful then the genetic testing would be introduced in the NHS trusts.

It is hoped that through the genetic tests, patients with cancer would be treated by curing defected genes causing cancer. Although the treatment is in its first phase, it is hoped that many cancer patients would be benefited from it.

At present the NHS trusts doesn’t treats genetic disorders to treat cancer. However, traditional drug and therapies are prescribed to patients with the hope of saving their life. Still, there are a few percentages of patients who fail to survive. James Peach, director of Cancer Research UK’s Stratified Medicine Programme noted, “... I’m confident that within the next few years we’ll see personalised medicine changing the face of cancer treatment and saving many more lives from cancer”.

Author: By Isaac Zandonda
Source: Newspoint South Africa
2.2 from 9 votes
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