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Q BioMed Announces Updates on Commercialization of Non-Opioid Metastatic Cancer Pain Drug

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Monday, July 15, 2019

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New York, New York - Q BioMed Inc. (OTCQB: QBIO), a commercial stage biotech company, is pleased to announce the latest updates on its non-opioid therapy for the debilitating pain associated with metastatic skeletal cancer.

We have been working hard to commercialize both our Strontium-89 products. In addition to the global exclusive license to generic Strontium-89 from BioNucleonics Inc. ("BNI"), we accelerated our global commercial launch by purchasing the MetastronTM brand from GE Healthcare in November of 2018. As a result, we now control significant market share for this injectable non-opioid metastatic cancer palliation drug in North America and much of the world. MetastronTM is approved for sale in 22 countries as a non-opioid therapy for the debilitating pain associated with metastatic skeletal cancer. As part of the MetastronTM acquisition, we agreed to transition manufacturing to another facility and chose IsoTherapeutics to be that manufacturer in parallel with our Strontium-89 product.

"The FDA approval of IsoTherapeutics to produce a commercial drug product is one of several milestone catalysts we expect to positively impact our business over the next few months," stated Q BioMed CEO Denis Corin. "Our Strontium-89 products are our lead revenue opportunities and an important step for both Q BioMed and the many patients that will benefit from finally having access to the non-opioid palliation treatments. Once the FDA approves IsoTherapeutics Group LLC, this radiopharmaceutical is well positioned to generate revenues in 2019 and beyond."

Although the commercial manufacturing approval process has taken longer than anticipated, we are now more confident than ever in the timing around the commercial launch. Our contract manufacturer expects to complete the final site modifications required by the FDA after its recent inspection by the end of the month, after which, a follow up review may be required to approve the application.

In anticipation of the approval, we have on-boarded our commercial team tasked with infrastructure set-up, including: medical information and pharmacovigilance, government contracting, marketing, contract sales and telesales. Our distribution partner has been identified with capabilities including warehousing/inventory management, invoicing and customer service/ordering. It also has a sales team that calls on major providers, a national network of nuclear pharmacies in the U.S. and distribution and coverage throughout the U.S. We have completed a reimbursement landscape and set our pricing strategy. Our scientific platform is complete which is informing a creative advertising campaign to coincide with the commercial launch of our product. We are assembling a world class scientific advisory board specific to this product to assist in market access and phase 4 clinical trial planning.

With more than 2,000,000 people affected by painful metastatic disease and over 100,000 new incidences a year, Metastron is a substantial opportunity for Q BioMed. There are very few treatment options for patients suffering from severe pain associated with metastatic cancer in the bone and particularly those with multiple lesions. These patients are often treated with multiple doses of opioids every day. A single dose of Metastron (Strontium-89) can provide pain relief for up to six months and reduce or even eliminate the need for opioid therapy. We believe this drug is an important, but somewhat neglected tool in the hands of oncologists and radio-oncologists and we believe the availability and marketing of these products will be well-received and supported, especially those that have had previous successful outcomes.

As disclosed earlier this year, the licensor, BioNucleonics Inc. ("BNI"), of our generic Strontium-89 product refused to transfer outright ownership of the amended new drug application after we performed fully on our obligations. We determined that only a court order would successfully compel BNI to perform and we are confident that will occur in 2019. Thankfully, the BNI legal activity has had no material impact on the timing around the approval of our contract manufacturer, IsoTherapeutics Group LLC to be a producer of a commercial drug product. We expect that process to be completed shortly. Thus, we remain confident in bringing a Strontium-89 product to market this year.

Our Strontium-89 radiopharmaceutical drug products are expected to begin generating revenue this year in the cancer pain palliation market, with a significant opportunity to expand into a much larger market through our planned phase IV clinical trial designed to expand the label from a pain palliation to a cancer therapeutic. A similar radiopharmaceutical with a much narrower indication in metastatic disease, but with survival benefits (two months), was acquired by Bayer for $2.9 billion in 2013 and will have sales exceeding $700,000,000 this year.

The acquisition of Metastron has given Q BioMed access to a global market much sooner than expected and we continue to be extremely excited about its prospects to re-establish a deserved niche in the late stage cancer treatment landscape.

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