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Readers have called for support for a little boy with a life-limiting disease

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Readers are calling for support for a little boy with a rare life-limiting disease.

Joseph Tilling, two, has a disorder called Mucolipidosis II, which causes physical and mental disability, and can cause death by the time a child is three or four.

His parents Mel and Richard and other family and friends are staging a number of events including a 950-mile bike ride to raise money for The Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases (MPS Society).

Their story, which we told on Saturday, has hit a note with readers and visitors at our website who are calling for more people to support the family's effort.

Simon Richards, of Newent, said: "Although I lost touch some time ago, I have known Joseph's dad for years. Just want to say Rich, I'm thinking of you and if you ever need anything give me a shout.

"He's a lovely little lad and I hope you get stacks more time to build those memories. Well done to the lads for the bike ride, I'll be giving my support."

Sue, of Cheltenham, said: "Very best of luck to you on your venture . Hope it proves a great success and makes the lives of these brave people just a bit easier to bear."

Sharon Ellmore, of Cheltenham, said: "Such a lovely little boy. Enjoy every precious moment."

Ria, of Brockworth, added: "I am so sad to hear of this diagnosis.

"My daughter has an MPS disease also. I would be happy to give the family information on an international MPS forum that is all parents of MPS and ML children."

Chris Taylor, of Huntley, urged people to check out the website,

He said: "A great family and an adorable little boy. Please check out the website, it's a great charity."

Rosie Soobhany, of Sydney, Australia, said: "Life dealt gorgeous little Joseph a cruel blow but he has the best family and the best friends. You are truly fantastic people."

Joseph, of Tuffley Avenue, Tuffley, will never be able to walk because of skeletal deformities. His immune system is weak and he suffers from a number of other conditions.

Mel, 36, and Richard, 31, said they wanted to create "special memories" for Joseph and his sister Erin, 12, in the time they had left.


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Author: By Nadia Stone
Source: This is Gloucestershire
1.8 from 10 votes
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