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Singer James Sampson's Latest Hit 'Hope is the Light' Part of the Fight Against Deadly Mosquito Bites

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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KOLDING, Denmark -- The fight against malaria has been ongoing for many years, yet every minute a person dies from malaria.

On Sunday, April 25, 2010, Bestnet Europe Ltd., in cooperation with partners all over the world, took an active role to lead the fight against deadly mosquito bites.

"Hope Is the Light," the hit song, was written and produced in the HIP CAT Studios in Denmark for World Malaria Day by local producers Michael Skouboe and Danny Otto, accompanied by South African rapper "Edward V," to shed light on the world's malaria problem. It is a song that brings hope for the many small children and pregnant women who live every day at risk of suffering from deadly malaria.

With a superb James Sampson in the vocal foreground, the ear-catching tunes of "Hope Is the Light" go straight to the heart.

This summer, a music video for the song will be produced in Africa. Along with movie producer Johannes Berggreen, Bestnet will send James Sampson to Uganda - both of whom are donating their time and effort to create awareness about malaria.

On Sunday, April 25, 2010, events took place worldwide in favor of World Malaria Day and Roll Back Malaria, and in Denmark, Bestnet participated with James Sampson signing CDs in Copenhagen.

About Bestnet Europe Ltd.

Bestnet Europe Ltd., manufacturers of the long-lasting mosquito net Netprotect ®, supports the many ministries of health and relief organizations worldwide working for a life without malaria. Worldwide more than 1 million people a year die from malaria - most of which are children under 5 years - even though the disease is preventable.

Bestnet now produces more than 1.5 million Netprotect ® mosquito nets per month. Netprotect ® is produced in China, India and several locations in Africa, and the company is also working on creating an aid foundation, which will donate Netprotect ® mosquito nets to selected villages in collaboration with partners and relief organizations globally.

More information about World Malaria Day is available at:

More information about "Hope Is the Light" is available at: or by contacting Bestnet Director Trine Angeline Sig,, mob.: +45 2826 2600

Source: Bestnet Europe Ltd.
2.1 from 9 votes
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