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UNMC treats toddler's rare disease

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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A 2-year-old from Texas is seeking medical care at the University of Nebraska Medical Center for a rare intestinal disorder she inherited from her mother during the pregnancy.

Yanet Alvarez knows her baby girl, Destiny, has a long recovery ahead. She was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's diesease before she was even born.

“They told me when I was five months pregnant with her that she was going to have the same problem,” Alvarez said.

Destiny is connected to tubes and machines because her intestines don't work properly. Her mother had the same complications when she was little and got better. But Destiny’s condition is more complicated.

“She couldn't take anything by mouth. She would throw it up and stuff wasn't going through the intestines the way it should,” said Dr. David Mercer.

Alvarez and Destiny came to Omaha in December so Mercer could treat Destiny at UNMC. The two are staying at the Ronald McDonald House while doctors tend to her medical condition.

“She may have to have a tube for help with nutrition and drainage for a few more years,” Mercer said.

“I think she misses her dad just a little bit too much, because any man she sees, she's like, ‘Daddy?’” Alvarez said.

Even though Destiny is away from most of her family, she is about to become a big sister. Alvarez is expecting in August.

“My first thoughts were, ‘Is she going to get the condition also? What's going to happen?’” she said. “So far the baby is healthy, so I'm glad about that.”

Mercer said Destiny is getting stronger.

“Every day we don't have to be admitted into the hospital, I'm thankful for that,” Alvarez said.

To learn more about the Ronald McDonald House or contribute to Destiny’s stay, visit

Source: KETV
2.0 from 2 votes
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