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A longitudinal MRI study on lymph nodes histiocytosis of a xenograft cancer model.
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A longitudinal MRI study on lymph nodes histiocytosis of a xenograft cancer model.

PLoS One. 2017;12(7):e0181043

Authors: Jiménez-González M, Plaza-García S, Arizeta J, Bianchessi S, Trigueros C, Reese T

BACKGROUND: Efforts are continuously made to detect and investigate the pivotal processes and interplay between the response of sentinel lymph node and malignant cells from a primary tumor. Conversely, some frequently used tumor animal models, such as human cancer xenografts, rarely feature metastasis. Therefore, lymph node alterations are seldom assessed. We consider that studying lymph node response could contribute to the understanding of host reaction to cancer. In the present study, we explored the presence of regional lymph node alterations in parallel with tumor growth using a pancreatic tumor xenograft model which does not develop metastasis.
METHODS AND FINDINGS: We established an animal cancer model by the subcutaneous inoculation of PANC-1 (a metastatic human pancreatic cancer cell line) in the left upper flank of athymic nude mice. Tumor animals, along with controls (n = 7 / group) were subjected to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in order to follow tumor growth and brachial and axillary lymph nodes alterations over several weeks. Further histological analyses were performed at the end of the study. The individual average of the different lymph nodes sizes was 15-40% larger in the tumor animals compared to control animals at week 8 to week 20. The tumor size and lymph node size were not correlated. Histological analysis of the lymph nodes showed paracortical histiocytosis. No metastasis to lymph nodes could be detected by histology. In tumor bearing animals, histiocytosis was associated with isolated apoptotic bodies and migration of human tumoral cells was confirmed by specific immunostaining of human origin markers.
CONCLUSIONS: The lack of metastasis as well as the pathological manifestation of the lymph node alteration in this pre-clinical model established here parallels findings in patients with sinus histiocytosis that is correlated with improved survival.

PMID: 28704462 [PubMed - in process]

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